Another exciting feature in Tok that offers a lot of possibilities is Shared Calendars. By starting a chat with any contact in your Main and Favorite categories, you will immediately have access to the calendar tab:

Events can be easily added in the Calendar tab, or from the Messages tab by typing “/addevent lunch on friday”. We’ll also try to detect possible events in your conversation, so “what are you doing on Friday” will display a suggestion to add it. Since events are part of the whole chat experience, the other person will receive a notification when an event is created.

Note: You can manually create a calendar for a chat in the other categories.


Every calendar entry supports adding a wide range of information type: you can attach a voice memo, photos, enter text in rich format, a price or bill (more on this below), a flight number and so on, so they can represent so much more than just a generic appointment! You might be wondering what’s the point with this, so here are some examples of the cool things you’ll be able to do.

Session Log

If you provide a freelance service, like private lessons or personal training, you can schedule and log sessions with your students. If you set a price per session we’ll even tell you how much you are owed! (with the Money feature, which we’ll discuss in another post).

Trip Organizer

Maybe you use applications like TripIt or TripCase. With them, you can forward the confirmation e-mail with your itinerary and they will add it to a trip.

While this is quite useful, the usual limitations arise when you want to share an itinerary with someone, or if you are actually traveling with more people.

Group planning

A group in Tok can also have a shared calendar, so if you have a club, community or just a group of friends, you can plan events and every member of the group will see them immediately!

Built-in Intelligence

The smarts that we built into Tok’s messagess and notes are also available for calendars:

  • Attach a photo and we’ll generate a description of its content.
  • Attach a photo with text and we’ll recognize and save the text.
  • Attach a voice memo and we’ll also generate a speech-to-text version.
  • Write a note and we’ll generate a text-to-speech audio version.

What all this means is that no matter how you create your events and what information you attach to them, you’ll be able to search everything. No more wasted time wading through messages to find something you need.

Not Just Shared

Tok’s calendars are not only useful in a chat, they can also make you very productive in general. Since every calendar event supports a variety of data and media like voice memos and photos, you can use them to create a personal journal, track your spending, log your jogging activity and much more!

Also, in the Me tab you can see all your events.

A Note Privacy

This is all too nice, but how do we handle the privacy of events? After all you probably don’t want that your friends see that private event you arranged with your partner.


Shared and personal calendars are very powerful in Tok. We hope you’ll find many uses for them.